12th Annual Spooktacular Fall Festival Cancellation FAQs

Welcome to Downtown Lombard

What is Lombard Town Centre?
Lombard Town Centre is a community-based, 501c3 not-for-profit organization, dedicated to preserving and promoting our historic downtown as the heart of Lombard and a vibrant commercial destination. The small organization is run by a part-time Executive Director and a volunteer board of directors. The organization focuses on creating and sustaining a flourishing downtown business district that preserves the history of our village for the benefit of residents and visitors, now and in the future.

Why did Lombard Town Centre cancel Spooktacular Fall Festival?
For the past 12 years, Spooktacular has grown from children trick-or-treating in the downtown to a larger event drawing thousands from the area. In late 2016, LTC began brainstorming and developing an expanded event that incorporated an adult component of bands, games, food trucks and a volunteer beer tent benefiting nonprofit organizations. We established an event committee, collaborated with the Village, and hired a production company to develop the event parameters. We developed a strong vision of what this expanded event would ultimately look like, but due to unforeseen variables, the event wasn’t achieving the expectations we set.

With the primary goal of the event, “to promote downtown Lombard,” we determined it was critical that the expanded event achieve all aspects of that goal and positively represent all who have donated their time and talent to make the event a success. So, after a great deal of deliberation, it was determined to halt the event and reassess for its future potential. The decision was not made easily, but with great respect and consideration given to the community.

Will Spooktacular be back in 2018?
The committee and the board of directors will review event details, opportunities, and challenges, and determine if restructuring will benefit the downtown and the community. More information will be forthcoming in early 2018. Check back by looking at our website, www.lombardtowncentr.org

How much did Vendors have to pay to exhibit at Spooktacular?

$50 for nonprofit organizations
$75 for profit based businesses on or before 9/29/17 and $100 after 9/29/17
$100 for businesses who need electricity on or before 9/29/17 and $125 after 9/29/17
Note: Any vendors who submitted payment will be fully refunded within 7 business days from the cancellation.

Is any of the money spent on the event coming from village funds or tax payer dollars?
No. All monies spent on the event were provided by fundraising dollars only.

What is the financial impact of cancelling the event?
Lombard Town Centre is currently working with their production company to mitigate loss. LTC will fully refund all art and craft vendors, as well as work with any other event vendors directly. Even though we are a nonprofit organization, we are committed to ensuring our debts are paid and working to help place current vendors at the new D45 Fest in Villa Park.

Are there any other outdoor events in downtown Lombard on October 14, 2017?
At this time, no outdoor events will take place in downtown Lombard on October 14, 2017, but we invite you to visit our excellent selection of restaurants, pubs, shops and service businesses which will be open and ready to welcome you! Click here for more information.

I would really like to take my family to an outdoor event the weekend of October 13-15 – any ideas?
If you would like a family-friendly outdoor event, on October 13-15, 2017 School District 45 in Villa Park will be hosting D45 Fest benefiting the D45 Foundation. Carnival rides, daily live entertainment, various food booths, a beverage tent, vendor booths and much more. For additional information about D45 Fest check out their Facebook page